3-D course printing for self-study students: Collaborate with others like you to solicit instructors for a group-course-on-demand

Among the millions of self-study students worldwide, there may well be a few other individualists with the same career interests and degree-needs as you. The site’s matching software will help you find each other, and using the site’s chat feature you can collaborate to craft a course title and description. When the minimum class-size is reached, an alert will automatically be sent to relevant credit-mentors and instructors around the globe registered as such on the site – some of them prominent professionals in advanced positions in the field.

Together with the mentor representing the accrediting institution, your class designs a credit-bearing course which fulfills the group’s specific needs (often leveraging what you already know as part of a course which will improve performance at a present place of work, perhaps as preparation for a management position). Instructors will then compete to be chosen as the provider. Ratings assigned to instructors by students in previous courses will help your group reach a decision.

All transactions including credit-granting, all payments including tuition and instructor’s salary, are conducted via the site, to maximize efficiency, privacy, confidentiality, reliability and safety.


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