Collaborating to create inexpensive retirement-communities

Collaborating to create inexpensive retirement-communities (and summer-vacation homes) abroad

People nearing retirement can collaborate to form communities abroad, making sure also that their health-related needs are adequately taken care of (see the relevant page on this site).

Local municipalities eager to host ex-pats can arrange for land to be made available, or to perform oversight of the project so that all proceeds as planned and local corruption and criminal issues do not interfere.

They can also arrange integration with the local medical facilities to provide basic services as well as clinic-space and dental facilities for visiting medical & dental specialists, physical therapists etc,  who have contracted with the ex-pats.

As part of the panning process, the entire group or representatives can arrange to visit various competing locations to see the prospective venue, meet with local developers and municipal officials, visit local hospitals and clinics, civic groups, embassy officials etc.

All relevant providers can interact with the group on the site, from travel agents, movers, storage companies etc on the home-side, to builders, clinics, municipalities, security-companies etc on the foreign side.

Similarly for summer-vacation homes.

There can also be time-sharing, where a retired couple visits their children in their home-country during the summer, making the home (and in some cases access to the emergency medical facilities arrangements) available to working couples or families for their summer vacation.


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