Useful sites for groups planning a building

Note that many of these links relate to people and groups who successfully completed a building project, and by relevant organizations assisting with this, and so beyond just reading what they wrote, the people who wrote these can perhaps be recruited as paid consultants, assisting your Group in its building project.

Existing projects

(note that some are initiated/led by architectural firms rather than by the residents)

Berlin example  ,  Co-housing

special-interest retirement community “a virtual community that’s defining the future of a physical one”

Group self-build in the UK , with local-council assistancecompanies, UK self-build groupcompanygov’t

self-build association   ;   Mortgages   .


Tips for self-builders, risks

Consumer reports tips on choosing a contractor

Federal trade commission (FTC) tips on hiring a contractor 

California dept of consumer affairs: known risks of owner-builder (has links to useful sits, and Includes an alert: Be wary of “consultants” or unlicensed individuals who will try to talk you into becoming an owner-builder as a way to save money. They are usually the ones who illegally profit from this arrangement.)


Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation: Comprehensive Analysis of Self-Build Housing Experiences (major factors that contribute to the success or failure of self-build housing).

Advice: some tips from a company in the business

Buildstore’s Self-build case studies

Example of issues obtaining approval for projects outside urban areas


Group-dynamics (advice for self-builder groups)

Building Community: Learning from community self-build housing failures and successes



Tips for successful group-dynamics



Individual private-home “self-build” websites:

These sites, though more oriented towards individuals, can provide insights to assist groups wishing to construct an apartment building, or a group of homes ,


anecdotal personal experience 


How to finance a duplex or multi-unit home or apartment building


Technical aspects

BASIC TERMS: ;  Costs of building a small residential complex:

Costs per sq ft  ; estimating worksheet ; architectural plansexample of a proposed project:

Site with comments and questions from potential customers    Also    Land valuaiton

Hotel-style building costs:     ,  The real nitty gritty calculations etc:


Free land in various countries (and why it’s free!)

free land in Canada to counter devitalization   ; land-for-free ;   4-places-where-land-is-free

five-places-where-land-is-free  ;  free-land-in-kansas/  ; 7-Towns-Where-Land-is-Free.


canadian-towns ;   Russia:    NO RUSH: PIONEER TOWN GETS FEW TAKERS FOR FREE LAND   . .. . .


Outsourced engineering and architecture

Outsourcing engineering and architecturaworkissues , problems with outsourcing



Dealing with construction permits   ,  Country comparison

Why is Corruption More Prominent in Some Countries Than Others?

Examples: Latvia: Corruption in the process of issuing building permits

Mumbai: Building permits account for almost half of construction cost

Reforming Building Permits


Finding available land

When contemplating an actual project in a specific location, an important step will be finding actual empty available land that is zoned for building the type of residence your group is interested in. You of course need to make sure you know who are the real owners rather than paying a scammer. Make sure you have the appropriate legal experts helping your group arrange the purchase, transfer the deed, pay required taxes etc.

You can purchase land from various sources, for example private owners, land dealers, municipalities, at  tax sales and foreclosure auctions etc.

In the USA:  , , ,

Mapping land: ,

Review of sites to assist in finding and choosing:

Google Earth for Real Estate:

in the UK:  ,


linking suppliers and buyers


Permits, ‘fixers’, bureaucracy, corruption

Each letter links to a different relevant article: בּעיותקבוצותרכיהסכסוכים


עיריית ירושלים: מאכערים בכל פינה 

עיריית ירושלים: מאכערים בכל פינהלמה הדירות כל כך   יקרות 

איך המאכערים עובדים? מדוע כל כך קשה לעצור אותם?לוקחים את הזמן: מדוע מתארך משך בניית דירה

חלקו של קובי כחלון (אח של) בעליית מחירי הדיור בירושלים

דוחות על הביקורת בשלטון המקומי לשנת 2013

ייעוץ מקצועי ותכנון אסטרטגיית רישוי בניה


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