Explanation of the method

Business-model type: C2C-2B: or:  (C+C)<–> B.      OR (see below):   C10<–>B5

How the Site’s function will be explained to Customers and Providers:

When arriving at the Homepage one will see only drawings, so that it is language-independent, with one Homepage serving all countries. After choosing a language, and Activity-Category, explanatory text in that language displays.

What one will see are animation-videos, 5 of them side-by-side, one for each of the Activity-Categories such as Housing, Travel, Cemeteries, Entertainment, Weddings), each illustrating how a specific Activity-Category operates (see below the example for Housing). Pressing on the desired one and then selecting a language brings the customer to the relevant page in their desired language.

Housing: Something like the following (somewhat more elaborate than this) will be shown in succession as a video:

Explanation of the process, V.V. cropped,.JPG

The essential information to be conveyed to users of the Site:

It is FREE to customers.

Step 1: Find/Form a Group! Unrelated individuals find others who are like-minded or having the same need;  they form a Group; they communicate and plan with each other in a Forum for specially-designed major purchases/services in these Activity-Categories.

Step 2: Via dedicated Forums, the Group negotiates with each of the ‘Providers’ (companies registered on the site).

Double-benefit: Combine the best of both group & individual buying:  the lower cost possible only with group-purchase + a product/service largely tailor-designed to your needs (usually possible only with individual purchase).

Note: No financial information is entered until there is a fully-successful match, with agreed upon-cost. No money actually changes hands until an “Activity” is completed. Communications and transactions take place via a reliable Provider, a financial/legal firm on the site, minimizing the possibility of misunderstandings and disputes with provider.


Methodology of the Site: The customers and Providers create the project and bring it to a successful conclusion, with payment and all legal matters handled by a financial/legal Provider on the Site. As much as possible, the Site itself DOES NOT get involved in the activity.


The main Activity-Categories are listed below and in the homepage Menu, however there are various others and it is expected that over time new ones will be added by users.

  •  “Vertical-Village”/“iBuild”: to negotiate as a Group with real-estate agents or builders to obtain an apt building (or set of private homes), in order to obtain an individual apartment(home) for each member of the group (can also be ex-pat or vacation homes abroad); one can also commission an architect to design the building and apartments according to their specific needs;  An option is to do it all from scratch: purchase land and hire engineers and architect and construction manager etc, all these being “providers” active on the site.
  • Design-Ed”: to create a new school/university/seminary meeting the needs of the children of the like-minded people in the group, or where the children have similar needs/abilities etc; (providers are: deans, faculty members; principals, educator-leaders; educational-staffing companies, etc.)
  • “iCu”: to arrange a specially-tailored tour, eg of volcanoes of the world;
  •   “Care4U”: some health-care aspects;

V.V. CamOrse etc cropped.JPG

An overall-category of activity: Projects which involve combining the aspects of CamOrse + Jigsaw:

  •     “CamOrse” (“a camel is a horse designed by a committee”): a project for which many providers are needed, and what is required is a consensus among competing visions and interests of Providers and Customers;
  • “JigSaw”: not one customer and one supplier for a standard product. Success is contingent on all the very-different pieces falling in to place before any money exchanges hands.


Experiences which led me to the idea for this Site: The Site is meant to directly apply what I learned about what people need, from the experience I gained: (examples without explanation are explained on the Site)

  • While editing the videos of my classroom physics lectures and created a Youtube playlist [the Site will enable Groups of lecturers to create a course together from their videod lectures, in coordination with the Providers on the site: audiovisual/textbook companies, video-editors with a degree in that field, online-course providers etc.
  • when I was head of the va’ad ha’bayit of my building and significantly reduced the costs [see explanation on the Site]
  • as a new oleh, going through the process of trying to decide where to buy an apartment in Israel, and how to go about it [the Site will assist with this, and I am already in the middle of an MVP with various aliyah organizations]
  • trying to obtain affordable and appropriate rental in NYC [the Site will hopefully address this, and I am working on an MVP with an architect and banking/finance person, as I mentioned]
  • when leading a tour to Europe that I myself designed and recruited for, which was deliberately made to be very inexpensive [it was very successful, but I did it only once due to some limitations which I hope the Site can overcome].
  • when my father was hospitalized in Jerusalem 4 years ago [the Site will help patients of a specific hospital or their families to form a Group to contract directly with a Specialist, private nurses to monitor the patients at night, a trained person to be at the patient’s bedside when the doctors make their rounds etc]
  • when my father passed away, obtaining a cemetery plot
  • Witnessing the tribulations of nieces and other relatives in their attempts get accepted by the ‘seminary’ of their choice, and the complaints of those paying the bills at the exorbitant cost;
  • Agonizing about how much to give as a wedding gift when attending friends’ weddings; being hungry after the main dish and wanting a second but not requesting one for fear it would incur extra charges to them.
  • While traveling, on non-overnight stopovers: Groups on the same flight can arrange local private tour operators/day-‘airBnB’-type Providers to take them around, bring them home for a shower and to leave their luggage and bring them to their connecting flight in a different city or airport.
  • Years ago, when having an Idea for a product (electronics + software) but without any idea of how to build it: “Bootstrap”: for pre-start-ups: to match idea-people (not the true entrepreneur) around the world with students in business/tech schools around the world working on a real-life project in electrical engineering, optics, software etc(so far I spoke to someone at Azrieli and at Hadassah college.  A team to develop one idea can be constructed by combining students attending various universities (as long as online-collaboration is feasible for that project). ]


Description: To make available specially-designed major purchases/services such as uniquely-designed homes/apartments, specialized tours, unique cemetery plots, and various others (see examples).

The Site matches people to others desiring the same unique product/service to enable them to form a Group (“C10”). They negotiate with companies via Forums ON THE SITE (‘Providers’). Several Providers will generally be needed to complete a project, so they too can form a group (“B5”) to coordinaite in completing the project successfully.

All this happens via forums on the Site but without involvement of the Site’s staff. The Customer-Group and Providers make contact, specify the design, and negotiate a price: C10 <–> B5.

Contracts & payment are handled by a legal/financial services firm, a Provider on the Site, who also forwards to the Site its fee: ¼ % of all money paid by the Customer-Group to the other Providers. These firms are carefully vetted by the Site, and they are responsible for vetting the Providers in any project they are involved with.

The Site is meant also as a platform empowering local entrepreneurs to start small businesses given the access to Customers, Providers & financial/legal services.



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