Arranging a Wedding; a concert; hi-tech matching

The couple indicate the general location, date range, character of the wedding, approximate number of attendees and price-range (ie level of elegance or simplicity desired).

Providers on the site (venue, caterer, bar, florist, band, gown rental, photographer etc) indicate date/location they are available and give quotes. Meeting/matching software and an algorithm compiles and lists all the complete packages (including location, date and total cost) available to choose from.


We pre-GiftU♥”: Optional

The guests give a sum meant as part of the wedding gift, but given in advance to help pay for the wedding.

DETAILS: The couple provides the invitee list (email,FB etc). They are notified that they can gift the couple beforehand, and are given a LINK to the Site. There they indicate the amount to go towards the cost of the wedding’. total costs and total gift amounts are visible to Group members. Providers know they need to supply a wedding whose costs are determined by the amount raised (providers can be in touch with each other to negotiate amongst themselves to try to put together a complete proposal).

The wedding’s style/standard (ie cost-level) is determined by the resulting total of pre-gifts, but of course the couple’s parents can donate the added amount needed to obtain type of wedding they desire.

The pre-gifts are paid by credit-card to the financial/legal firm on the Site chosen by the couple. However, no money actually changes hands unless there is a fully-successful wedding-package by providers and authorized by the couple. The couple sign a legal responsibility for full payment of the providers’ claim – with full reimbursement of all pre-gifting amounts – should they cancel the wedding.


Those wishing to give large gifts can give this separately, with $50 to the site, and the rest as a check to the couple, or can give the entire amount on the Site but earmark the amount for the couple directly. (This is a separate service for weddings: collecting the gifts online for security; the gift is forwarded to the couple only after the wedding actually takes place.)


Optional self-seating: guests can choose seating, who they sit with (but this needs two-sided matching, and may lead to arguments).




Their “wedding deals” are way to obtain good deals with wedding providers, not pre-pay by guests as my Site offers.

  • Wish Upon a Wedding relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses to help grant wedding Wishes for our couples. You can help those couples in need by  donating your time, products and services to Wish Upon a Wedding wishes. These donations bring happiness and joy to those fighting serious illness or a life-altering circumstances
  • not connected yet
  • donating leftover food, flowers, clothing: Wedding vows are forever, but the materials and supplies that go into a wedding are often thrown away the next day. With a little extra planning, couples can go a long way in cutting down on wedding waste. This issue of Charitable Wedding News focuses on how couples can use the leftover items from their wedding to feed the hungry, help the environment, brighten someone’s day, and even save some money

The site offers a type of reverse of these:

  • Couples registering with I Do Foundation can direct their wedding donations to one of I Do’s recommended nonprofits, to one of our focus area funds, or to a nonprofit organization they chose. nvitations – A supplemental sheet in the invitation can inform guests of your socially conscious focus and provide simple instructions about making a donation.

· More Engaged Couples Request Charitable Donations Instead of Gifts


Other uses for seat-matching software etc:

Pre-arranged seating for flights, concerts  etc

Sit with an expert to consult with on the flight – pay them the fee they specify.

On flights, tours, cruises etc: Babysitting, elderly-accompaniment etc.


Examples of Pre-pay for other Activity-Categories:

Entertainment: Pre-paying artists for production of content, contingent on sufficient interest: Concert performance : book publishing & editing, video editing projects etc.    Drama Group: People audition for parts, each part is like a Provider. But there are real providers: the venue, sound, ticket sales etc etc.  (Enthusiasts of a performance (musical, theatrical etc) can put together their own performance.)


Other areas: Industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure construction, gov’t program, web-based projects, etc.


“Bootstrap”: for start-ups (matching idea-people or entrepreneurs to all those needed to realize a project – can be students/faculty in business/engineering schools etc);

Site will match idea-people around the world with students in business/tech schools around the world working on a real-life project (One can start with students at MachonLev, Azrieli, Hadassah college)

Motivation/need: Entrepreneurs with good ideas and business skills will not seek to involve students, however not all those with original ideas will be business-savvy. This site is for the idea-person not the true entrepreneur. Presumably, students will not usually get to develop an idea with a first-rate entrepreneur, and are not looking to be paid, and so would be open to this type of match (especially if they become partners in any eventual profits).

A team to develop one idea can be constructed by combining students attending various universities (as long as online-collaboration is feasible for that project).

Instructors in business schools provide valuable guidance, so it is not really ‘just students’, and so they can be a credible team.

Some business schools ask students to come up with their own ideas, however not all business students will aim at a business based on their own idea, many will be developing the ideas of others, and so they need training in that. And even if they intend to develop their own idea, perhaps the best practice is to learn to develop ideas of others. And although an idea by itself is not considered by entrepreneurs to have value, to these students a good idea would be a valuable commodity.

The matching feature of the site: one needs to be able to determine which ideas have potential, if executed by an appropriate business/management team, and which skills are needed in the business team needed to develop that particular idea. It might be that the site would rely on experienced ‘matchmakers’ to assemble a team for each idea (free-lancers who sign up on the site and sign a non-disclosure agreement) or perhaps use an algorithm to make the match.

Procedure: Idea-people submit their ideas confidentially, and from the student-side everything is done via an instructor. There is a signed agreement, and perhaps a recorded video conference, perhaps mediated by the company.

Students in a team, and the idea-originator, can be evaluated, given ratings etc.

Business model: the site gets a tiny equity in the project; there ar e standard contracts for dividing equity among the students and idea-person, and perhaps the matchmaker & team-assemblers and the university (or instructor?) as well.



Global Management Immersion Experience (GMIX) GMIX offers organizations located outside the United States access to talented MBA students to work on well-defined projects over the summer while also raising your company profile within the Stanford GSB community.


Harvard Business School Announces Sixteen Entrepreneurs-in-Residence

Sixteen entrepreneurs are working with the Harvard Business School (HBS) community this year as Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiR). Sponsored by the School’s Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program, now in its ninth year, invites experienced entrepreneurs to HBS to advise MBA students interested in starting companies and work with faculty on research and course development.


If you are interested having a class collaborate with your organization. The Ohio SBDC works closely with the faculty and students at Wright State University to deliver professional assistance to the business community.

…..       “His students were grouped into teams and matched up with an entrepreneur or small business owner who needed help developing a marketing plan.”



Another application of the basic idea: imagine I want to set up a bar like where we were for the meetup (Landwer), and was looking for a few partners etc, and on the other side of the site would be the providers interior designers for bars, beer sellers etc



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