Resident-Groups arranging building repairs, maintenance, security; appliance & furniture-repairs: hiring a full-time worker to service the residents of one or several buildings

My own experience: we were told by our co-op building’s roof-cleaner that our solar panel has some damage. We were about to call the solar-panel-repair person to fix it when I asked the roof-cleaner whether he had noticed damage to anyone else’s panel. He said he had and told me which apartment it belonged to, so I suggested to that neighbor that we invite the repair person together – in this way we could split that part of the fee which was for their  visit alone. There are 32 tenants in my building, I imagine that much could be saved if we always worked together.

For a while I was in charge of the building’s maintenance & repair committee. We have four elevators, and when I saw how much this was costing us – basically the major part of everyone’s monthly fee – I called the elevator-maintenance company and said I would switch to another company if they didn’t give us a discount; they gave us a substantial reduction.

Our household spends a lot every time there is a plumbing issue, electrical wiring problem, etc. We are part of an informal neighborhood-complex of six buildings, each with about the same amount of residents. I began to wonder how much is spent annually by the totality …. and for the buildings as a whole there is also much work done annually maintaining the roof, the garden, the parking lot, as well as cleaning etc.

How much is spent annually by all of us individually and as buildings? How many buildings would be required in order to make it worthwhile to hire full-time staff?  Many of the residents in this complex know each other, and the heads of the maintenance committees can communicate with their building’s residents, so it would not be terribly difficult to notify everyone of the possibility, but it would be very time-consuming to organize and actually implement.

And thus was born the idea of a website. It can serve: individuals in an urban setting, one in each of 200 buildings in a city, to handle the individual-apartment issues; more simply, to serve the maintenance committees of co-op buildings in informal complexes or neighborhoods, so that it can handle not only the individual-apartment issues but also the individual building issues, and even some issues related to the complex as a whole; or for like-minded groups who are connected in other ways (socially, religiously etc) and decide to cooperate on this.

The site would have two sections, one for residents (or committees) and the other for the providers, where Individual work-people can offer their services, as can maintenance companies, insurance companies, building-management companies etc.


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