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  • PrivatePlanes for group-hire
  • Local guides   . Insurance agents     . Hotel/Hostel/B&B
  • Transport       .  Interpreters      . Visa-arrangement

Don’t fit in any of the above categories? Create a new one here:  #


Example of a Travel Group, and what a member sees on their Homepage when they log in:

tour with dogs, V.V..JPG


Pets travel group V.V..JPG


Not for the typical first-time traveler who wants a packaged standard tour. Customers go to the Travel Portal to find others with that interest. (Example, those who love volcanoes and want to visit the 5 most active ones in the world).

They chat in a Group Forum, make tentative plans, and when they have some degree of consensus, they initiate contact with relevant ‘Providers’ on the Site: travel agents, tour operators, hotels etc.

Possibly, some Group-members have expertise/experience with a relevant aspect, simplifying matters. (Possibly  pre-existing Groups – religious, political, hobbyists etc – will organize travel this way as well).

After completion of the project, Group members can compile advice for others based on their experience, as well as rating all the Providers.

Alternately, an entrepreneur can arrange everything, so the Site is also a Platform for business ventures. After successful completion, some members may get together to use the Site to solicit other Groups, as a business.


This is the Traveler portal, visible to anyone (customers and Providers): they sign in, and arrive at their Homepage. When they click on TRAVEL they see relevant Groups, can see a Group they want to join, click on it, and become a member, at which point they can see its activity on their Customer Homepage, and join the Group’s discussion Forum. 


Traveler’s portal (after logging in to Customer Homepage and filling out their profile)

 Welcome  MR X to group-travel opportunities appropriate to YOU!

Do you recognize yourself in any of these already-existing groups? [MR X filled out a profile indicating his language is English, and wants to join Groups of specific types….]

If yes, click on the appropriate one and enter the discussion. If not, create your own category/group below.

List groups according to the following category:

Amount of members.           Most recent.                               Location

Overall category: Standard; Adventure; DeLuxe/Budget;                                                 Nature; Art; Strenuous

Duration: 1-4 Days,1 Week; 2 weeks; entire summer (N/S Hemisphere)


Groups available which are possibly relevant to YOU:

  • Seeking to visit the most active volcanoes; summer 2018. 7 members.  Most recent activity: 15 hrs ago
  • Family with special/disabled child, seeking a fully-accessible tour of the major art museums of the world 3 members.  Most recent activity: 12 days ago.
  • Seeking a full-summer excursion to participate in several major religious festivals around the world during July-August of 2018
  • Families wanting to tour classic Europe with our dogs.   4 members.  Most recent activity: yesterday
  • Target 2018: idealistic group of retired professionals seeking like-minded others to join in visits to cooperative-living communities in various countries.   11 members   Most recent activity: 8 days ago
  • Target 2019. Singles and couples without children, seeking adventurous trip (bus, train, hiking) through South America during the Summer (July/August). 18 members. Most recent activity: 1hr ago
Don’t fit in any of the above? Create a new group here:

Your new group title/description (you can change it at any time until there is one more member, after which you need to have a majority/declare it a closed private Group)


Forum language is now in these languages:  English  ,  French ,   Spanish ,  Russian: with google-translation provided.

Travel landing page.JPG




Providers log in and see all Groups relevant to them (matched by location, type of Group, etc)


Sites specializing in small-group tours, with some offering ‘tailor-made’ tours




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