Housing in Israel for Olim who are still in their country of origin (purchasing a building as a Group before their arrival)

Prospective Olim: In the process of exploring aliyah options? Don’t wait until you arrive in Israel as a new immigrant. Create a virtual community of like-minded people; your “Group” can use the site to collaboratively explore mutually-relevant issues and possibilities, such as housing, and schooling for your children; benefit from live mentoring by experienced olim and native Israelis, as well as by organizations dedicated to the success of your aliyah.

How to start:

First look through the explanatory material below, then click on the links provided below.

Example of “Groups”

olim with dogs Group cropped.JPG

As long as your Group is below 50% of the Site’s estimate of the Membership needed to complete the Activity, the Site will suggest similar groups to each other, so that they may consider merging.   When a group has at least 80% of the Membership needed to complete the Activity, it is ready to contact/be contacted by providers. When this occurs, the section below WILL APPEAR IN BLUE.

To contact a Provider, click on the appropriate button below: They will see that you requested contact, and their clicking on YOU will initiate a forum

We want to be contacted by:       [All providers: X]             

   [Only these providers: choose from MENU:     ]

To initiate a video-chat with a provider:(All conversations are recorded): MENU: choose Provider: CLICK HERE to initiate call

Click here to obtain records of calls.  MENU:      Click here to watch the video of a previous call: MENU    


Your first step in the process will be to log in (for example using FB) to the ‘resident’ or ‘provider’ portal  as appropriate.

There are separate areas of the site for prospective residents and for providers . Visit our Forum!

[Providers: builders/contractors/designers/mortgage banks/municipalities seeking residents by offering benefits such as tax-reductions/abatements for new buildings etc].


Via this site, get to know like-minded potential olim. Choose from our ‘menu’ various descriptors to categorize yourself/your family, and then allow the matching software to find likely candidates.

You can join with them in a virtual community, sharing information about housing issues and finding the right schools for your kids. You can pose questions to the group or benefit from the answers others have provided.

On the Israel side, volunteer mentors with experience in various aspect of life in Israel can establish contact with relevant groups, and assist with advice regarding the aliyah process and possibly provide useful contacts within the system.

You can also join in on the Israeli forums: using our site’s translation feature, when you press ENGLISH it will provide a (somewhat rough) English translation of the discussions among the Israeli members of that group. In this way you will be moving into a mixed-population building rather than a purely-oleh ‘bubble’. There are obvious advantage and disadvantages to each possibility.

If a group forms with similar location-plans, they can initiate contacts with architects and builders to inquire about construction of a residential building or group of homes, and compare to the offers made by real-estate firms and contractors.

One advantage of a mixed oleh-Israeli project is that the Israelis will be more familiar with the process, and can probably arrange a better and more reliable deal with the providers.

Sufficiently-large groups of families can combine forces to work with municipal and other officials to check the possibility of creating a school for the children of their new ‘community’, or work towards ensuring their successful integration into existing schools.


EXPLANATION OF THE PROJECT (as it stands currently)


Espanol: Para los olim potenciales

Crear una comunidad virtual de personas de ideas afines. Juntos, exploran temas y oportunidades mutuamente relevantes Para encontrar personas afines, elegimos a nuestros “menú” diferentes descriptores para usted / su rango de familia y vamos a encontrar posibles candidatos.  Usted puede unirse a ellos en una comunidad virtual, y compartir información sobre temas de vivienda y encontrar buenas escuelas para sus hijos, hacer preguntas al grupo o aprovechar otras respuestas proporcionadas.  Voluntarios ‘mentores’ en Israel con experiencia en diversos aspectos de la vida en Israel pueden establecer contactos con las partes interesadas, y proporcionar asesoramiento en el proceso de aliá y posiblemente proporcionar contactos útiles dentro del sistema.  Si un formulario grupo con el tipo de alquiler y similares, que pueden iniciar contactos con arquitectos y constructores para obtener más información sobre la construcción de un edificio residencial o un grupo de casas.  -Suficientemente grandes grupos de familias pueden combinar sus fuerzas para verificar con los funcionarios municipales la oportunidad de crear una escuela para los hijos de su nueva “comunidad” o garantizar su integración en las escuelas existentes.


Français: Olim potentiels: Créer une communauté virtuelle de personnes semblables. En collaboration, explorer les questions et les possibilités mutuellement-pertinentes

Pour trouver les personnes semblables, choisissez parmi nos «menu» différents descripteurs pour vous/votre famille classer, puis laissez nous trouver des candidats probables.

Vous pouvez joindre à eux dans une communauté virtuelle, et partager d’informations sur les questions de logement et de trouver les bonnes écoles pour vos enfants, poser des questions au groupe ou bénéficier des réponses d’autres ont fourni.

Bénévole ‘mentors’ en Israël ayant une expérience dans divers aspects de la vie en Israël peut établir des contacts avec les groupes concernés, et fournir des conseils sur le processus de aliyah et éventuellement fournir des contacts utiles au sein du système.

Si un groupe forme avec location et type similaire, ils peuvent initier des contacts avec les architectes et les constructeurs pour en savoir davantage sur la construction d’un immeuble résidentiel ou d’un groupe de maisons.

Suffisamment-grands groupes de familles peuvent combiner leurs forces pour vérifier avec les responsables municipaux la possibilité de créer une école pour les enfants de leur nouvelle «communauté», ou assurer leur intégration dans les écoles existantes.


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