Customer-Group-designed cemeteries

 Find others like you on the Site, form a Group, and (under the expert guidance of consultants on the Site) commission a NEW cemetery with an overall ambiance (as well as individual plot-design) based on your Group’s most loved activity, deepest beliefs, ethnicity or religion etc – and which fits your budget.

Save money, and rest forever with like-minded enthusiasts (artists, poets, writers, scientists, archaeologists etc), or fellow-believers, colleagues, or friends.

Click –> Here  to see some of the Groups forming now….

vertical-village-cemetery-choice-collage-croppedHave you though at all about where and with whom you want your body to spend eternity? You put time and effort into finding the right place to live, and the most congenial place to hang out and to vacation – why not spend some time and effort thinking what type of cemetery you want to be interred in, and with which type of people…..

Are you satisfied with the way that funerals you have participated in were handled? Would you and others like you prefer something entirely different?

Have you perhaps become aware that existing cemeteries are getting very crowded as the world’s population grows (for example read the BBC’s “The world is running out of burial space“), and the prices of a plot are becoming exorbitant (see for example “As Vancouver cemetery space dwindles, burial prices run upwards of $50K“) .

The solution? Create a new cemetery for the eventual use of the members of your Group!

Via the site, contract with all the relevant providers (from land owners/municipalities to monument makers, landscape designers to chapel-staff etc). Your Group can if they wish also hire one of the many established specialist cemetery-consultants on the site for a small Group-fee, either just to advise the Group or also to intermediate between your Group and the providers.

  • organized about a theme for enthusiasts of some sport or activity;
  • designed to the specifications of a religious or ideological group;
  • ‘green’ ecological cemetery;
  • descendants of famous people, arranging to be buried in an established but decaying old cemetery needing an new infusion of cash – see for example: “A Cemetery of Poets Is in Crisis in Rome“.

The method utilized can be:

  • traditional single-plot;
  • multi-level burial;
  • cremation-ash interment;
  • etc

Individual monuments can be:

  • traditional text-only;
  • can feature a person’s achievements, role models, ideals;
  • a sculpture of the deceased, artwork created by them, their favorite vehicle;
  • etc

Location can be:

  • Near the residence of the deceased Group-members (so the Group members must live nearby each other)(can be traditional or in a multi-story building);
  • In some specific special region, such as a forest, desert, mountain etc (so the Group members need not be from the same place) see the graphic below for some examples;
  • to obtain the lowest cost, it can be in an inexpensive sparsely-inhabited region, utilizing land which is unsuited to agriculture, and too remote for homes;
  • etc


In order to join a Group best-suited to you, you’ll fill out a profile describing your preferred type of cemetery, burial method and monument-style, as well as general location, by clicking on a menu of choices as indicated in the graphic above. You’ll see many examples to choose from, but you can also add keywords specifying a unique type that is not on the list, as well as combinations, for example you can choose:

underwater+buddhist+green+philosophers +artists+SouthWestern USA.

Based on your profile we’ll match you to like-minded others (who have listed at least one of these characteristics, and are in the same general region). The goal of course is the formation of a Group which will discuss and then decide on a cemetery design.

With a click, your Group can then establish contact with the relevant ‘providers’ on the site. There will be several of each relevant profession, and your Group will negotiate with them and choose the most appropriate, or the best price.

As indicated in the graphic below, the providers chosen by your Group will then form a Provider-Group in order to coordinate their work on bringing into reality that which your Customer-Group specified. So all the planning takes place “Group 2 Group”.


All financial and legal aspects will be handled by a well-respected international firm present on the site. And if you were referred via an organization which represents you, they too may be available on the site to assist your Group.

As preparation for the step of filling out a profile, learn a little more about how it all works: click on the 4 (or 5) elements of a successful project

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