How it works: the 4 (or 5) elements of a successful project

                       1.Customers (‘Clients’) + 2. Organization representing the customers                  + 3. (Optional: Consultants) + 4. Providers + 5. Financial/Legal firm.

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Many resources are available to assist your Group in their project. Your Group may wish to work closely with a relevant organization or union or religious institution, particularly with the department involved with cemetery befits.

There are many web-resources, and after reading the material you will be sufficiently educated to find other relevant links, and to add your recommended sources to the list presented here. 

Perhaps your Group will wish to hire a consulting firm from among the many reliable and experienced ones available as Providers on the Site. Links to some of the information sites, and to descriptions of the work of some of the consultants are here

To create  a profile, click here (for Customers, organizations, Providers, consultants, municipal and governmental authorities [regulations, permits, etc], and financial/legal firms).