Consultants & information resources for Groups establishing a new cemetery

Some of these firms and individuals will be invited to participate in the initial stage, available to Customer Groups in a dedicated Forum for an individual Consultant and representatives of a Customer-Group. At a later stage all will be welcome to apply, and after appropriate vetting, they will be approved to be Consultants on the Site.

  • The Natural Burial Company’s Sustainable Cemetery Management Group offers sustainable cemetery management and development consulting to cemeteries and funeral service providers.
  •  Cemetery Consulting for Sales, Operations and Administration
  • The UK’s Leading Cemetery Design & Development Company  Our specialist team, with many years of experience in cemetery design, planning and delivery, can provide you with a full application service facilitating all the components typically required for cemetery planning.

  • A site which mentions the cost:  Cost: Ashfield District Council have declared their intention to employ the services of consultants, at a cost of £30,000, to source new cemetery sites for both Hucknall and Sutton because the two towns’ graveyards are almost full.


Texas Cemeteries Association

♦ I would like to establish a Family Cemetery on my property.  How do I do that?

Many people in the State of Texas are interested in establishing a family cemetery on their private property.  Click here for information on establishing a family cemetery.

♦ Can I bury on my own property?

Yes. Contact your local health department for more information.

Excellent, detailed:


Good article, with names of useful contacts:   Excerpts: …..The shortage of green sites has become a serious issue, according to Rupert Callender, who runs the Green Funeral Company with his wife Clare. “Natural burial is definitely what people want,” he says. “And every town and village needs its own green burial ground. This is an ideal way of farmers diversifying. …..Leedam Natural Heritage, a company that set up and manages several green cemeteries in the U.K., …Although planning permission is not needed to bury the remains of a limited number of friends or family on land owned by yourself, you will certainly need to make a planning application when creating a green cemetery which is for the public.

A close friend of ours became terminally ill, and asked if she could be buried in a corner of our land.”…...Planning proposal: The Chatfields contacted the ANBG to find out more. With the association’s advice, they put together their planning proposal themselves. …And if you do not want to manage a burial ground yourself, there are national green burial organisations in private ownership, such as Leedam Natural Heritage and Native Woodland Ltd., which are looking for suitable partnerships……Ask around, there may even be an interested partner near you. The idea is definitely catching on

see the comments under the article, from people seeking to start cemeteries:

Web article giving advice re buying land to use as a cemetery: “Cemeteries: A Grave BusinessIs there money in memorial?” Excerpt: So, is turning vacant land into a cemetery worth it? Maybe, for those who do their homework and come up with a unique plan to attract customers. If would-be cemetery owners don’t have a particularly innovative plan for a new cemetery, they may be better off purchasing an existing one. “My recommendation is not to start a new cemetery, just because it’s such a high-cost infrastructure and there are very high barriers to entry,” Anspach said. “It’s much easier to buy an existing cemetery than it is to start a new one. You can probably find one in almost every city.” When purchasing an existing cemetery, it is easier for buyers to evaluate the graveyard’s success and cash flow before committing. Another alternative is to establish a funeral home instead, which takes up substantially less space and can be established within most commercial zones. Those who are interested in establishing a cemetery can get in touch with the ICCFA for further information and guidance. Anspach provides consulting services, and also acts as a broker for those interested in purchasing an existing cemetery. Those seeking guidance in establishing a “green” cemetery can consult with Memorial Ecosystems. (2008 Written by: Cali Zimmerman)

Examples of potentially-useful sites regarding relevant regulations in different areas: