Parents: collaborate to create a school designed to fit the needs of your children

Design a school or camp together with parents of other similar children; choose the style & level of education, and program/curriculum etc most suited for your child!

Fist step: Use the site to  find other parents, then plan together in a Forum for that Group. When you have come to some level of agreement as to what you seek, make your presence known to the ‘providers’.

Besides the benefit of an education designed for your child’s needs, tuition will be lower since the ‘middle-man’ of the school-owners has been eliminated, and because administrators/teachers are competing for contracts.

Note: After the parents have gotten to know each other during the planning process, it may be that they will decide to utilize their collective pool of skills by having the school incorporate an unusual degree of parental involvement; alternately, there can be just the regular PTA type.  In any case, school administration and teaching staff will by nature be fully responsive – and responsible to – the parents.

Below are various examples of possible types and levels of schools:

Example: In the US and countries with similar systems: for private schools/charter schools (but maybe even to propose public magnet schools): Schools can be designed by parents of specially bright or artistic or scientifically-inclined children, as well as for autistic or deaf or wheelchair-bound students.

Administrators, teachers etc can apply, and specialists or famous educators can create their own virtual school with teachers known to them and offer to implement it; private-school companies can make offers etc.

When a group forms that is realistic, they solicit or are contacted by educators; they can also choose a virtual-school created by known educators on the site.

Examples for Post-High School:

Example: Specialized technical/vocational/art schools: high standards and encouragement of creativity for bright but non-academically-minded young people.

When a group forms that is realistic, the group can solicit educators or choose a virtual-school created by known educators on the site.

Example: Specialized higher education crafted to meet specific career goals or disability needs

Example: Together with retired academics/faculty in your neighborhood, create a small accredited college, or branch of an existing one. 

Example: Post-high school programs in Israel, for Americans: The need: seminaries/yeshivas are full, expensive, don’t accept all students, and there are probably more niches (‘types’ of students) than there are yeshivas/seminaries.

The solution: Right after celebrating the bar/bat mitzva of their child, when the individual bent of the child is becoming more apparent (as well as their suitability for an Israel program), parents can start the process of creating/finding a school for their child. When a group forms that is realistic, the group can solicit educators or choose a virtual-school created by known educators on the site.


Employing the same collaborative platform, this site is divided into two sections: for parents of school-aged children, and for school administrators/educators.


Interesting relevant sites

Note that many of these accounts, guidelines and suggestions were written by teachers and parents who successfully started a school, and by relevant organizations, and so beyond just reading what they wrote, the people who wrote these can perhaps be recruited as paid consultants, assisting your Group in setting up a school.

Advice from teachers who started schools:

Written by a family which started a charter school:

An educator who started a primary school:

Home schooling association of California, re opening a school:

Description of the process by someone who started a school:

Britian: article in the Guardian:  private schools with a political slant:

“When three families were unhappy with options for their kids’ education, they each started their own school. Learn what it takes.” Includes an account from a parent about starting a Jewish school, a school for children with autism, and one for high and low income children :

Starting a non-profit, for example a school (this is a website and video):

company assisting with legal issues involved:

registration of the school: example: