Elder-Care: People who amassed much experience caring for aged parents serving as consultants, mentoring their peers and supervising staff

Note: This service is not meant for providing emergency care, or 24/7 monitoring, which is appropriate only for specially-trained full-time staff.

Every aged parent is unique, but their needs are most likely similar in most respects to those of someone else’s parent. There are many thousands of very capable adults who have spent years amassing experience in this field.

By the time their parent is no longer alive, many are quite expert in one or several areas and can serve as consultants to their peers just beginning to struggle with a new situation.

Those whose parent had a very similar condition and situation can be directly involved in consultations with doctors, and can arrange for installation of appropriate security and monitoring devices in the parent’s home, recruiting appropriate aides and other staff, as well as supervising them (partly by using the monitoring video-cams).

For each person requiring such care a complete form is filled out (generally by the child, though it can be a nurse or insurance-provided health-care specialist). Potential providers fill out ‘resume-forms’ detailing the precise conditions and situations they have experience with, and the site identifies likely matches, and sends notifications. Generally there would be multiple providers for each client, each with their relevant specialty, and it would be necessary for them to work as a team.

The patient’s medical and pharmaceutical record is made available, and providers make notations daily in the file as needed, marking them “to be read by   ” and inserting the name of the appropriate co-provider.

Some of the providers will reside in the same area as the client, and can provide accompaniment/rides to doctors as needed etc, and can audio-tape the visit or type up a record of what was said, and be in contact with the rest of the team of co-providers, all via the site.


Personal experience: After accompanying my parent to a doctor, I would always write up a report for myself, and for my siblings. Invariably the report was a full page long, with many interesting points made by the doctor, recommended actions etc. A few days later I would be hard-pressed to remember most of it, and I always found that my parent was barely aware of what was said even soon after. These reports were invaluable to me to remind me of what needed to be done etc, and were very useful in keeping my siblings up to date, and able to ask intelligent questions and make pertinent suggestions.

A side-service would be to accompany patients to the doctor and provide such transcripts. Eventually, to work with medical practitioners and insurance companies to allow for the automatic production of such transcription, suitably edited, and appropriate both for patients and for their medical records.