Examples of building-designs specially suited to the needs of the members of your Group

Together with a group of like-minded people, commission architects & engineers to either design an ordinary residential building for your group, or with your peers (and the input of architects and engineers) craft a building specially-designed for You!


Examples (see a more expanded version of this page, with many details)

 The building as a whole, and the individual apartments, can be designed for:


  • small-business home-office combination (especially for those meeting clients there, and for telecommuters)
  • airBnB hosts seeking to maximize security and privacy, and minimize involvement
  • buildings and their apartments designed for elderly widowed parents living with their single adult child.

Small spaces:

  • Families: include a safe play-space for the kids partially-inside the building, which can be enclosed in bad weather; to save space: locker-storage and a group-socializing room with movie-screen in the basement; wire-mesh-enclosed roof-top space to use for BBQ, sports, sunning etc.
  • Singles: very small and therefore inexpensive apartments, carefully designed to maximize storage space without creating a cluttered feeling, with lots of extra 24/7-accessible storage space in the basement, as well as a lounge common-room (see more detail below).

  • “Backpacker-hostel”-style residence: bunk-beds with curtains, locked private closets, shared kitchen and bath, and large common space

  • Luxurious tiny studio with large picture- window and small balcony; storage area and common-room in the basement.

  • For people who can live in very small spaces: narrow corridor-apartment (2×7.5=15m2) with window-balcony: specially-designed to maximize space-utilization; common-room with entertainment centers and storage lockers in the basement, roof-top exercise/lounge area, greenery with benches along the outside wall of the building. (see more pricing-related information below.)


  • Also: retirement/vacation homes

  • And: Residents in a building arranging repairs to residential buildings, appliance & furniture repair etc.


    See inside for more details regarding buildings designed for

  • musicians

  • pet-owners

  • urban farmers

  • ‘green’ buildings

  • “start-ups”

  • ‘accessible’-building

  • athletes

  • etc


Utilize your collective bargaining power to construct discounted housing:for

  • religious/political groups

  • teachers unions; medical workers unions; veterans associations/armed forces;

  • hospitals, universities etc: create housing for your members/staff.

  • single parents of special-needs child

  • immigrants arriving as a community (You may be able utilize the assistance of various governmental agencies and NGOs)

  • Residential family-oriented building with a day-care center and school on-premises for the residents’ children (10-story building, 100 families, 300 children of all ages).