Print a building on-demand: a new twist on the Global Village: like-minded individuals world-wide collaborating to design housing to suit their needs, or to create a community


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 Via our website:

Step 1: ‘Meet’ and plan with others like yourself to build/obtain a group of homes or a multi-family residential building (anywhere in the world) to meet your group’s specific needs/interests.FREE.  

You can arrange to purchase an existing building or a group of homes (see ‘villages for sale’). Leave as is, or renovate as needed – or even arrange to construct from scratch. 

Step 2: All relevant ‘providers’ [real-estate agents, owners, architects, engineers, cost analysts, mortgage banks and construction firms (vetted by the site for reliability), contractors, construction mangers etc] compete for contracts, offering some feedback on the plans submitted by the group. FREE.

Step 3: All contracts, financial arrangements and payments are mediated by financial/legal firms registered on the site.

The site’s fee is 1/4 of a percent [0.25%], paid by the providers rather than residents. (For a $100,000 apartment, this translates into a $250 total fee for all the providers combined.) 

In some cases, the costs of a building are construction 40%, land 20%, ‘soft costs’ (architectural etc) 20%, and the remaining 20% is equity return for the investors or the percentage for the real-estate/building companies which lead the project. An optional goal of the site is to enable residents who are ready to be directly involved in the process to reduce this last extra 20% via competition. Cutting out the real-estate/builder/investor middle-man, and accepting bids from anywhere in the world for architectural renderings, etc, may significantly reduce the cost of the apartments.

How to start:

There are separate areas of the site for prospective residents and for providers [builders/contractors/designers/mortgage banks/municipalities seeking residents by offering benefits such as tax-reductions (abatements) for new buildings etc]. Your first step is to log in (for example using FB) to the ‘resident’ or ‘provider’ portal  as appropriate.

Residents:  Create a Vertical Village group, and give it a name which specifies the type of population your village is meant to attract (you can choose one of the suggested name/categories; even better, create your own. It can be changed at any time). Then contact your friends on social media, and ask them to pass on the message, inviting like-minded people to join the village. You can all discuss the specifics of the type of community you wish to create, and how the building’s design should reflect this, using the site’s social-media-linked chat-area . You can choose to live completely separately just design and build together, or to live in a more village-like co-housing atmosphere.

As your ‘village’ grows, it will begin to attract the interest of those professionals who will help your group realize its ambition. [These professionals include: cost-analysts, engineers, contractors, developers, builders, architects, municipalities and zoning committees, mortgage sources, landscaping, staffing companies (to provide a complete team of doormen,concierge, security, maintenance, cleaning etc and various other service-providers.] All of these are logged-in to the site’s commercial-sector portal and are competing to attract your community. You of course need know nothing at all about how to put up a building – the professional will all work together in their area of the site to suggest ideas to the group and obtain feedback, and eventually create a complete project; they will then provide your community with both a solid final cost per person, and the amount of time until residents can move in.

At all stages, residents can ‘rate’ the providers they have interacted with.

Financial transactions between the resident and commercial sectors are secure since they are mediated via the site; also, to protect the interests of residents all vendors and commercial interests are bound by contracts provided by legal firms on the site. No payments are made until an actual plan is agreed-upon, and all such payments are registered on the site alongside the explicit description by the vendors as to what that payment covers.


Example: after you have joined a Group and have contacted Providers, what your page will display.


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